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Maggie's Rescue is not an animal shelter. We care for animals through our network of foster homes. Our 'Foster to Adopt' program has been designed to create a nurturing and loving temporary home for animals in need until a permanent home is found.  This mean some pets are going through a transitioning process that may not be ready for adoption. Therefore not all pets in our care are shown on Maggie's website for adoption. Please follow our Adoption Process below to find your purrfect pet.

1) Find

Browse the cats and dogs we have available via the Foster to Adopt links. If you’re not sure about what kind of pet you want, or could not find a breed you are looking for, please skip to step 2 to "Adoption Enquiry". Send through your enquiry to our team at Maggie's Rescue as we could recommend a suitable pet,  or forward a request of what you are looking for, as we have new animals made available to us every day.

2) Apply

If you’re interested in a particular pet, click on the “I’m interested in adopting this pet” button when you’ve selected a pet that you like. This will take you to the Adoption Enquiry Form. You can also complete this form and we can match you to a pet who fits your lifestyle. We ask all people looking to adopt to fill out an enquiry form. Your pet is a Maggie’s Pet for Life, please consider this before adopting.

3) Meet

We will then organise a time for you to meet with the foster carer and the pet you are interested in adopting. Maggie’s wants this to be a good experience for you, and we will occasionally suggest a different cat or dog as your situation may not meet the needs of the individual pet.

4) Trial & Transfer

All our pets leave for their new homes on a two week trial. At the end of this period we will transfer the microchip to your details and the adoption is complete. Please fill out the Adoptee Pack below:


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