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Have You Made Plans for Your Pets?

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Pets are part of the family and if they should survive their owners the provisions needs to be made for them. If there are no loved ones who are able to take on this responsibility, then Maggie's Rescue could help. Our service can give you peace of mind that your pet will be cared for after you pass away. 

A Personal Touch....

A charitable bequest, left in your will, ensures the long term care and support for your pets. There are three different ways you could include Maggie's Rescue.

1. Residual gift

The most efficient way to support Maggie's Rescue. After family and loved ones have been provided for, the whole, or percentage, of the remainder (or residue) of an estate could be left to Maggie's Rescue.

2. Percentage of the estate

This gift leaves a percentage of the total estate to the animal(s), allowing the gift to maximize as the estate matures.

3. Specific gift

A special gift is a fixed sum of money, or assets owned, including property, cars, jewellery, investments or shares can be dedicated to the animals. Maggie's Rescue can also be nominated as the beneficiary of a Superannuation Fund.

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