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Maggie's Rescue is not an animal shelter. We care for animals through our network of foster homes. Our FOSTER TO ADOPT program has been designed to create a nurturing and loving temporary home for animals in need until a permanent home is found. This mean some pets are going through a transitioning process that may not be ready for adoption. The pets shown on this page are animals that have gone through our home-ready program are now ready for adoption.

Not all fostered pets are displayed on this adoption page. If you can't find the pet you are looking for, please send through your Dog Adoption Enquiry and our Dog Coordinator will be happy to assist you in finding your purrfect pet.

Adoptive Family Wanted for Rosie

Say hi to Rosie!

She is an 18 month young Pointer/Cattle cross who is looking for a stable and loving family. Rosie was owned by a 15 year old, who herself was in foster care. The owner surrendered Rosie to Maggie’s Rescue when she was to be moved into a new foster home and was unable to take her. Because of all her moves, Rosie was never properly socialised. 
Fast forward 3 months and Rosie has been re-training with one of Australia’s top dog behaviourists. Bear and
our foster carers have worked their magic and Rosie is well socialised with dogs and cats. To continue Bear’s
good work, Rosie needs to find her adoptive home now.

Ironically, a male (or a couple) would be the best suited to her needs. Rosie needs someone who is gentle, loving and patient and who has some dog handling experience. Bear, will provide structured training to you and Rosie for the first weeks of her adoption.

She is a gorgeous girl who has a bright future. She just needs someone to believe in her goodness and that will commit
to helping Rosie believe in herself.

Rosie needs a biggish backyard in a quiet neighbourhood or a large property where she can roam and be free of
any fearful urban distractions. 

Rosie is in a unique situation, which requires unique people to love and care for her in a gentle and supportive
way. If this is you, please get in touch so that she can get start her second chance at life.

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