Maggie's Rescue Membership for 2016-17

Dear Members and friends,

What an incredibly productive year 2015-16 was for our beloved Maggie’s Rescue!

It’s approaching that time of the year where we need to start considering our annual reporting and meeting obligations. The Board is in the process of finalising the Maggie’s Annual Report 2015-16 and the details of our Annual General Meeting, and we are looking forward to sharing these with all members.

Maggie’s is a cooperative of like-minded people that relies on our members for spreading the good word and helping with the rescue of animals. The Board is keen to see our core membership base diversify and grow without sacrificing the core goals of Maggie’s. We really need members that are keen to engage in the shaping and execution of Maggie’s strategic direction.

We’re also looking to develop Maggie’s value proposition for our Members, including for things like pet supplies and retail and service discounts. Being a member of Maggie’s should be a rewarding experience for lots of reasons, and as a cooperative we have the benefit of being able to offer our members value while raising funds for rescue, education and advocacy activities.

So, are you keen to be an official member of Maggie’s Rescue, or to renew your membership for 2016-17? 

Click to join or renew your membership

In keeping with the regulations all applicants must be considered as per Page 8 of our Co-operative Rules (also attached for reference). This will need to be completed before the formal notice of the Annual General Meeting is announced. The annual subscription fee ($15) and entrance fee ($2) comes to $17 in total. Payment information can be found on the application form. 

If you have any problems filling in the attached application please send any questions to the email noted. 

We would also like to take this opportunity thank you for your ongoing support and keep you apprised of some recent developments.

We are deeply saddened by the recent resignations of Lisa Wright (General Manager) and Mark Wright (Board member), whose founding legacies have been fundamental to our organisation’s accomplishments to date. We wish them every success with their future endeavours and we can’t wait to continue doing justice to their original dream of providing a voice for all animals, and to keeping their legacy and wishes alive. I am sure you will all join the Board in thanking Lisa and Mark for their significant contributions to our great organisation!

We look forward to receiving membership renewals and applications alike, and will be shortly distributing details for our upcoming AGM.

Yours, for a better world for all animals,

The Board of Directors
Maggie’s Rescue Co-operative Limited


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