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    Community Desex Fund

    $500.00 raised
    GOAL: $20,000.00

    Australia has one of the largest companion animal ownership in the world.

    Dogs and cats make perfect additions to our families, but sadly, many of these pets are surrendered or abandoned to animal rescue groups like Maggie's Rescue each year. We believe that prevention through education is the key to stop unplanned litters and ultimately reduce the number of unwanted animals on our streets and in our community. By educating people around responsible pet ownership, we hope to reduce the number of animals in our pounds and shelters.

    In 2017 we received a substantial bequest to set up a community de-sex fund. Our fund provides low cost or no cost desexing to those unable to pay for desexing of their pets as well as provide financial support to smaller rescue groups. We have to date, de-sexed and re-homed over 250 community cats. We aim to double, or triple those numbers this year, Can you help us to continue our work??

    For any cats or kittens that are socialised, we will take them into our Foster Program. Our skilled foster carers work with these cats, to socialise them and prepare them for their final adoptive home. Before we can re-home these animals they will be desexed, microchipped and receive 2 vaccinations as well as regular flea and worm treatment.  


    🐾 $15 -  Flea and worm treat 1 animal for 1 month

    🐾 $30 -  2kg bag of cat or dog food

    🐾 $50 -  Microchip an animal

    🐾 $90 -  Desex a male cat

    🐾 $125 - Vet visit and 2 vaccinations

    🐾 $250 - Desex and vaccinate a female cat

    🐾 $390 - Desex and vaccinate a female dog

    🐾 $425 - Provide quality food to one kitten for 8 weeks, whilst in our care

    🐾 $500 - Complete home-ready program


    Thank you from the Team at Maggie's Rescue.


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