Handling 360 Workshop with Natalie Kirkwood and Simone Holt

Natalie Kirkwood and Simone Holt are remarkable people, together with another great trainer, Denise Crook, they run My Agility Coach online and small group agility training.

Since they began their journey just over 18 months ago, Natalie, Simone and Denise have completed several on-line courses with Daisy Peel, Justine Davenport, Greg Derrett and Susan Garrett and also attended workshops and seminars with Susan Garrett, Lynda Orton-Hill, Mary-Ellen Barry, Jen Pinder, Stacy Peadot-Goudy and Greg and Laura Derrett. During this time they’ve learnt a lot of great training drills that we’ve used successfully with our own dogs that we’d love to share with you to help you get the most out of your training time.

But our journey has been more than just transitioning to a new style of handling. Along the way we’ve had so much fun, learning new skills and training drills with supportive like-minded training partners has heightened our passion for agility and resulted in us having more fun training our own dogs.

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For more than a decade Natalie has learnt so much from Susan Garrett and the Say Yes team. In more recent years she and Simone have applied themselves to Susan Garrett’s Handling 360 with gusto and is enjoying great results with their dogs.

Along with this, Natalie and Simone have been to seminars and trained with many great International trainers both here in Australia and overseas, giving them diverse knowledge backgrounds and many ways to achieve skills in dogs.

My Agility Coach has a passion to build understanding and confidence in dogs through strong foundations so that they can thrive in the world of agility no matter what the goals of the handlers are. Both Natalie and Simone love supporting grassroots level teams to make a great start on their agility journey.


October 05, 2016 at 8:30am - 4:30pm


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