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Maggie’s is a cooperative of like-minded people that relies on our members for spreading the good word and helping with the rescue of animals. The Board is keen to see our core membership base diversify and grow. We need members that are keen to engage in the shaping and execution of Maggie’s strategic direction.

Please find below a Maggie’s Rescue Membership Application form which needs to be completed no later than Friday 23 September 2016. Upon submission of your membership application, you agree to be bound by Maggie's Rescue Co-op's Rules.

To complete this form you will need to download & complete the Reference & Declaration form, and upload a PDF or scan / photo of the completed form. If you wish to complete the form offline and submit it by mail, download the print version here.

After completing this membership form, you will be taken to a second page to pay for your membership fees online.

Thank you for supporting Maggie's Rescue!


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