Recall for dogs of all ages

Why do you need a recall?

When you have a solid recall where your dog comes first time every time, you have a lot less stress in your life. What if a short course full of fun games for you and your dog meant you had an amazing recall every time?

A great recall can save your dog's life, it can allow time at the dog park off leash more relaxing and it starts by building confidence in you and your dog in what you want. Let's face it, we all want to be rewarded for what we get right don't we?

So how do we reward the dog while ensuring he or she is learning something in the process? Recallers is for people who want to learn how to have a happy engaged dog that comes when called.  So that is everyone right?So get along to Recallers For Dogs Of All Ages. We will have a fun time at our office at Addison Road over four weeks where you and your dog will be able build a recall you will both be proud of. Your dog should be reasonably social in a group of dogs, and have some basic ability to walk on a leash. If not, please contact us for some further assistance.

This won't be like any other dog obedience class you will have been to, we will have fun, you will have homework activities and most of all you will meet like minded dog owners and take part in short fun games that build those levels of confidence in you and your dog. 

About your trainer, Lisa Wright: 

I was a collector of stray dogs from an early age, and went to my first dog obedience class in 1976 with my rescue dog, Tibby. These days I have two Shetland Sheepdogs and am actively competing in Dog Agility. My love for training has grown exponentially in the last ten years where relationship building with my dogs has become my focus.  While I do adhere to positive reinforcement training principles with my own dogs, we need to remember that good relationships with our dogs are about ensuring dogs work for reward, learn through reinforcement, and that we have to make sure what we are asking is very clear.

Most of all, training should be fun, constructive and lead to an improvement in behaviours. Positive does not mean permissive, and if we can work on this with our dogs, you will find that with time, dogs will know what worked and didn't work, and will move their own behaviour towards how to get what they want, which is also what you want. Why not train in a fun environment for you and your dog?

July 04, 2016 at 7pm - 8:30pm
Hut 43, 142 Addison Road Marrickville NSW 2204
Lisa Wright ·

Will you come?

$110.00 Four Weekly Recallers Sessions
Four weeks of recall fun with your dog in a small group setting. Indoors at the Maggie's Rescue Building in Marrickville.


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