Request To Surrender A Pet

We understand how difficult the decision is to surrender your family pet. We are committed to working with you to ensure the best outcome for you and your pet. Please follow the links below and submit your form. Our Intakes Manager will be in contact with you as soon as practical. 

Please note, in order to submit the pet surrender form, we require MICROCHIP, VACCINATION and DESEX certificates.

If these forms are unavailable please email [email protected] for cat surrenders and [email protected] for dog surrenders.



PLEASE NOTE - If you have found or are caring for a stray animal, please CLICK HERE to send through your enquiry to further discuss your options.

If we have the capacity to take your animal into care, our Intakes Manager will be in touch with you. If you have not heard from us within 1 week, this may mean that we are at capacity and unable to help you at this time. Please bear in mind that Maggie's Rescue is run by volunteers who give so much of their time each week, so we appreciate your patience with our response.


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