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Your donation will help us give animals a second chance of finding a loving home for life. Providing vital vet work or behavioural training to our rescued animals, is an important step before they are ready to be adopted into a family that will love them for life.

Remember, that all donations over $2 are tax deductible.

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What will my donation do?

🐾 $15 -  Flea and worm treat 1 animal for 1 month

🐾 $30 -  2kg bag of cat or dog food

🐾 $50 -  Microchip an animal

🐾 $90 -  Desex a male cat

🐾 $125 - Vet visit and 2 vaccinations

🐾 $250 - Desex and vaccinate a female cat

🐾 $390 - Desex and vaccinate a female dog

🐾 $425 - Provide quality food to one kitten for 8 weeks, whilst in our care

🐾 $500 - Complete home-ready program


 🐾From all of us here at Maggie's Rescue... THANK YOU! 🐾


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